Am I an Alcoholic? Simple Quiz & Self-Evaluation Tool

All calls are 100% confidential and there’s no pressure to take action immediately; we want you to feel comfortable, safe and heard. After you take an alcoholism assessment, the quiz will give you a score and tell you whether  you should seek additional help. If the quiz informs you that you may have an alcohol problem, your next step is up to you.

You should also consider attending a local AA meeting or participating in a self-help program such as Women for Sobriety. Adi Jaffe, Ph.D., is a lecturer at UCLA and the CEO of IGNTD, an online company that produces podcasts and educational programs on mental health and addiction. There are several ways to look at how one ends up struggling with alcoholism; from a spiritualist, environmentalist, biological, or psychological perspective. I recommend a holistic approach that allows for them all, and I’ve explored the biological and spiritual perspectives in previous articles.

Am I an alcoholic?

You may schedule your life around activities that involve alcohol and pass on those that don’t. You may even be too intoxicated or hungover to attend certain events. Alcohol may make all the other important people and activities in your life seem less appealing and engaging. If you’re concerned that you or a loved one meet several of these criteria, it’s a good idea to talk to a hotline representative about your situation.

An alcoholic is someone who is physically and mentally dependent on alcohol. The statements in this quiz can help you figure out whether you might need the support of a mental health professional am i an alcoholic for the symptoms you’ve been experiencing. No matter whether a person has a mild or severe case of alcohol use disorder, the condition can seriously impact their daily life.

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The problem starts, though, when you begin abusing the substance. Alcohol use disorder has been identified as something that happens when a person drinks so much or so often that it changes the chemical makeup of their brain. Screening tests are available to help you assess your drinking habits and relationship with alcohol. Psychological counseling might also be a part of your treatment.

  • People who are heavy drinkers and people who are binge drinkers might suffer from alcohol use disorder, but not necessarily.
  • More than three-quarters of these individuals are from families plagued with multigenerational alcoholism.
  • As you can see, excessive alcohol use over time can lead to a number of serious problems or even the development of chronic diseases.
  • Although the exact cause of alcohol use disorder is unknown, there are certain factors that may increase your risk for developing this disease.
  • But in reality, those struggles are often the real problems that have to be treated; and “alcoholism” is just the symptom.

Try to stay calm and avoid blowing up or having an emotional reaction to the situation. You may think that when you are scolding or berating a loved one for their latest episode, it is anything but enabling—but it actually could be. If you are doing anything that your loved one would be doing if they were sober, you are enabling them to avoid their responsibilities. John C. Umhau, MD, MPH, CPE is board-certified in addiction medicine and preventative medicine. For over 20 years Dr. Umhau was a senior clinical investigator at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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We aim to support the widest array of browsers and assistive technologies as possible, so our users can choose the best fitting tools for them, with as few limitations as possible. Out of all of the people who are addicted to alcohol in the United States, the subtype makes up a little less than 20% of them. All of these are risks that you run when you drink too much in the short term.

Ask your doctor about getting help — whether it’s from a therapist, psychiatrist, or other addiction specialist. Organizations like the American Society of Addiction Medicine can guide you to help, too. Some people seem to be just fine even though they abuse alcohol. You may hear them called  “functional” or “high-functioning” alcoholics.

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